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Slick New Website, Scrumptious New Blog, Here Here!

We’re so thrilled to launch this new website to showcase all things Jalie (and all things event planning).

On this blog we’ll highlight what we’re up to and the amazing clients we partner with!

Stay tuned.


Jessica and Emily


Olimpia & Juan

Our oohs and ahhhs are reserved for this “utterly romantic” feté. Imagine the softest, pettiest hues of blush and white lush florals with embellishments of gold, rose gold and black. Olimpia and Juan’s Wedding day was influenced by the romance of their Mexican culture and the timeless love they shared for each other. Surrounded by their loving family and friends, Olimpia and Juan vowed their lives to one another on June 17th. Guests were welcomed into their ballroom reception by the enriched vocals of the Mariachi band and details designed with all-out elegance. From their toasts to the endless dancing the evening was filled with happiness and love that truly pulled at the heart strings. These two individuals carry some many amazing qualities and we were blessed to have a full year planning their gorgeous event with them. Here are a few of the wonderful things we have learned along the way that make this couple so special!


Olimpia and Juan met through mutual friends in 2012. On April 25th, Juan asked Olimpia out on their first date. As they got lost in conversation, the night ended with butterflies and excitement. Olimpia thought Juan was very genuine and loving and Juan thought Olimpia was very sweet and honest. As their relationship became very close over the next few years, they began to fall for each other. Juan loves how supportive and encouraging Olimpia is, Olimpia loves how adventurous and compassionate Juan is.

How he asked..

Juan’s proposal was very private, loving and filled with happy tears. During dinner at one of their favorite restaurants Juan expressed how beautiful of a person Olimpia was and how he thanked God for giving him this angel. It was then that Juan popped the question and of course Olimpia said yes!

Together Forever…

As a married couple, Olimpia and Juan are looking forward to spending time together traveling, cooking and hiking around the beautiful scenery they call home, Lake Tahoe. They cannot wait to see what their future holds and what they will get to experience together.

Congratulations to this amazing couple! We wish you endless love and happiness.


Coralee & Daniel

Coralee and Daniel celebrated the beginning to their new adventure on July 7th at Round Hill Pines Resort. The beautiful shades of Lake Tahoe’s blue waters created the breathtaking backdrop for the exchange of their loving vows and adorable tree planting ceremony. Blending the rustic details with the soft hues of pink, mint and grey, this intimate wedding was filled with personal touches of these two down-to-earth individuals. We were honored to have been a part of their big day and so happy to have had a glimpse into their love story that we had to share!


Coralee and Daniel met through mutual friends at an intimate gathering, where they spent the evening in deep conversation about their interests and hobbies. Daniel thought that Coralee was shy and beautiful but was more than meets the eye. She was a tough little dirt biking ranch girl with cute freckles. He knew right off the bat that they would get along great. Coralee thought Daniel was cool, handsome, independent, and very adventurous. Coralee was originally from Los Angeles, California and Daniel was from Palm Springs, California, later both planted their roots in Nevada

They never thought that the semi blind date their friends encouraged would turn into such a amazing relationship. Throughout the next year, these two fell deeper for each other and finally Daniel popped the question!

How he asked….

They went on an end of summer mini vacation to McArthur Burney Falls in Northern California. Daniel told Coralee that they were going fishing at the falls . It was Coralee’s first time there so after dinner they hiked down to a gorgeous waterfall. Daniel asked Coralee to setup her camera so they could take a picture. As they posed for apicture, Daniel stepped back and got down on one knee. Coralee was slightly confused as to what was happening but when Daniel popped open the box, she was shocked and speechless but of course said yes!


Coralee and Daniel enjoy being outdoors camping and hiking. They also love going to music festivals ,getting away from normal life duties and just spending time together. Coralee loves how reassuring Daniel is and how hard he tries to make her smile. Daniel loves how supportive and encouraging Coralee is with his goals and career decisions.

Happily Ever After…

As for their future, they look forward to being able to embark on life’s adventures from now to eternity together.

Congratulations Coralee and Daniel. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!


Brittany & Marc

The big day is just around the corner for Brittany and Marc as they tie the knot in the beautiful Aspen Grove in Incline, Nv! Aptly named for its scenery, this venue is nestled among the trees and will provide an amazing backdrop for this couple to become husband and wife. We are honored to take part in this next chapter of their love story!

Back Then…

Brittany and Marc were introduced through a mutual friend and went out for coffee on their first date in 2008. Marc was immediately intrigued by Brittany and her intelligence. In the beginning, Brittany says she thought Marc was way too cool for her and she found herself intimated by him always talking about hip bands and indie films! They both knew they had found love early on in their relationship, but played it cool. Eventually though, Marc popped the question in Santa Fe, NM (one of the couple’s favorite places) and Brittany happily agreed to spend forever with him!


According to Brittany, Marc is friendly and loyal. He loves to use the word “fantastic” to answer or describe any and everything when they are at a restaurant. She believes he is more apt to cheat at a board game than she is because he is competitive by nature. He is both a morning person and a night owl! (We envy that!) She thinks he might be the first person to tear up on their wedding day, and she knows that she will follow suite. She loves how he always shares nerdy facts he finds on the Internet and that he would do absolutely anything to make her smile. We love that, too!


As for this beautiful bride, Marc tells us that Brittany takes longer to get ready, but is much better at keeping surprises and dancing. She loves to belt out the tunes on a road trip. As a good balance to him, she is neither a morning person or a night owl. Another fun fact we learned about Brittany is that she showers with the lights off! Marc calls it “strange” but we know it is just another wonderful detail that makes up the woman he loves!

Together Forever…

Brittany and Marc love to go on adventures together, especially road trips to different National Parks. Brittany loves Marc’s calm disposition, Marc loves her determination and tenacity. He also loves how they are always there for each other after a long day. As for the wedding, they are looking forward to lots of fun and dancing, and making it official after all this time!

Thank you to this awesome couple for choosing us to help make their big day special. We cannot wait to watch them step into forever together! Congratulations Brittany and Marc!


Nicole & Phil

Nicole and Phil will say their “I Do’s” on June 3rd, at the Gatekeeper’s Museum in Tahoe City, Ca. Surrounded by the fragrant pines, flowers, and stunning views of the lake, this venue is a perfect fit for their boho-chic wedding! Their ceremony will be intimate and natural, a wonderful way to start their life together. We are so excited to be part of their big day and so happy to have had a glimpse into their love story that we had to share!


We absolutely love this couple’s story because it is proof that you never know when or where you can find that lasting love, even 2,000 miles away! Phil is originally from Morton Grove, Illinois and Nicole is from Newark, Ca but they met online in 2007 while playing World of Warcraft. What started so simply progressed into a budding friendship. Nicole thought Phil was an attractive and outgoing guy and couldn’t believe he played World of Warcraft! Phil thought she was a very pretty and shy punk rock girl. They met in person two years later and ultimately went on their first date where they played miniature golf, got ice cream, and then picked up bagels and took them to the park to stargaze.

This couple knew they were in love when Phil wanted to skip events to spend more time with her, and Nicole knew because as soon as he left she would miss him—even if it had only been a few hours. Their love continued to grow and Phil eventually popped the question!

How he asked…

For the proposal, Phil recreated their first date in Illinois, taking Nicole to play miniature golf and out for ice cream. When they went to the park to stargaze, however, he had a ring of candles flickering in the middle of the field! It was then that Phil asked Nicole to spend forever with him and she couldn’t help but say yes.


Nicole and Phil still love to play video games together, but also enjoy being outdoors camping, hiking and going to the beach. Nicole loves how sweet and supportive her fiancée is and Phil loves how Nicole puts 110% into everything that she does and always has the courage to express her opinion. When asked what each other’s weird quirks are, they said they’ve become so close and accustomed to each other that anything that might seem odd is normal to them now!

Happily Ever After…

As for the future, they are looking forward to spending their lives together and growing their family. Nicole and Phil, we are honored to be part of your wedding day and we wish you a lifetime of love, happiness and World of Warcraft. Congratulations!


Stephanie & Bo

The countdown is on for Stephanie and Bo’s West Shore Café wedding in Homewood, Ca! In just 26 days, their wedding will kick off the summer season as it is the Official Annual Opening of Lake Tahoe. The lake will provide a breathtaking backdrop as these two commit their lives to one another in a romantic and rustic celebration right on the water. We are overjoyed to be part of this day and have had the pleasure of getting to know Stephanie and Bo. Here are some of the things we have learned along the way about this wonderful couple!

How he asked…

According to Stephanie, Bo is not good at keeping secrets! She knew that he had been looking at rings, but really wasn’t sure when anything would happen. On a Thursday that would change her life forever, he had planned a night out on the town that started with where they had their first date, Rickhouse, then on to dinner and a concert. When they returned home, he started playing what they had already agreed would one day be their first dance song (Peggy-O by the Grateful Dead) and Stephanie opened the door to a path of rose petals and pictures of the two of them together. He had a bottle of Dom Perignon ready and the two sipped it on their rooftop and called their families with the news. This was the one secret that Bo had successfully kept, and the only one that really matters!


Stephanie and Bo first met through their mutual friend Keara who, in the ultimate match-making move, started telling Stephanie she had found her future husband before Bo had even moved to San Francisco. Keara was so confident that the two were perfect for each other that she requested the someday rehearsal dinner be named after her, the Honorary Keara Connolly Rehearsal Dinner! Stephanie’s first impression of Bo was slightly marred by the fact that he was watching an Iowa football game on his phone for hours, while Bo was certain he had this “in the bag”. As it turns out, he did.

They had their first date in November of 2014 at Rickhouse in San Francisco, where it was pouring rain so they stayed inside for what would become one of their fondest memories. Stephanie later came to understand the importance of Iowa football games.


According to Bo, Stephanie has a special ability to make any situation better and more fun. He loves her confidence, sense of humor and honesty. He respects how driven she is, and how she can play any sport and be good at it- whether she has played before or not!


Stephanie loves that Bo is very family oriented- he has six brothers and sisters and always makes it a priority to keep in touch with all of them. He is full of energy, surprises, and is always ready to do anything at a moment’s notice. Bo likes anything tie-dyed and belting out songs when road tripping in the car. He always kisses Steph goodnight and brings her coffee in bed each morning, and if that isn’t awe-worthy, we really don’t know what is!


As they approach their wedding date, Bo and Stephanie are looking forward to their future: traveling to Southeast Asia for their honeymoon, relaxing in marital bliss together, and one day becoming parents. We absolutely cannot wait to watch these two tie the knot and are hoping to see Bo’s famed and “interesting” dance moves make an appearance at the reception! We cannot thank Stephanie and Bo enough for asking us to be part of their special day, the first in a long and happy life together. We wish you a lifetime of love, laughter, and adventure. Congratulations!!


Roxanne & Pitt

Surrounded by breathtaking forest views of Tahoe and their loving family and friends, Roxanne and Pitt vowed their lives to one another on April 21st, 2017. The St. Francis Catholic Church in Incline, Nv provided a gorgeous and meaningful experience for this bride and groom; a simple, yet stunning affair, with a fun-filled reception at the Chateau. We are so happy for Roxanne and Pitt! Here are a few of the wonderful things we have learned along the way that make this couple so special!

How he asked…

What better day of the year to get engaged than Valentine’s Day? Pitt dropped to one knee during a romantic dinner in his backyard while surrounded by their closest friends—none of who suspected a thing (least of all Roxanne)! Luckily for Pitt, Roxanne happily agreed to that ring, and the man who held it, gleaming up at her!


Originally from the Philippines, Roxanne and Pitt moved to California in 2010. They then met the old fashioned way–through mutual friends at a swimming party in 2011. They quickly felt comfortable together and had that amazing and rare feeling of being able to tell each other anything. Eventually, they went on their first date at a drive-in movie theatre in San Jose. It was then Roxanne and Pitt knew they were already falling in love. Five years later, they made a lifetime commitment to that love.


The couple chose to tie the knot in Lake Tahoe, as they have many special memories snowboarding together there. They even used a white snowboard as their guestbook! As a couple, Roxanne and Pitt are easy to laugh with, kind, and their friends stay entertained by their mutual goofiness. They respect each other’s ideas and opinions. Pitt loves how free spirited Roxanne is, along with the sound of her laugh and her “great” smile. Roxanne loves how Pitt can talk nonstop about any and everything.

Happily Ever After…

As a married couple, Roxanne and Pitt are looking forward to all of the adventures they will take, meeting life’s challenges together and, of course, all the laughter that will follow. Hand in hand, they can’t wait to start their lifetime of fun and we truly wish them all of the happiness in the world. Thank you Roxanne and Pitt, for letting us be part of the day you stepped into forever together, it was absolute perfection. Congratulations!!!


Narissa & Dave

We are so excited to be celebrating with this amazing couple! On September 3rd in beautiful Lake Tahoe surrounded by lavish greenery and underneath the starry sky, these two will become MR & MRS!! We are so honored to be a part of wedding day memories. These are a few of the fun things we have found out about Narissa & Dave, their relationship, the ways they absolutely love each other and how Dave proposed.

How Dave proposed…

After a few failed attempts of bringing the ring on romantic day and weekend getaways, Dave proposed while out on the balcony of our apartment with some wine

All about Narissa & Dave..

  • When and where did you first meet?

At work, but didn’t start dating until 2 years in

  • When and where was your first date?

Blind lady ale house (pizza and beer) in SD

  • What city and state are you originally from?

Narissa – Bay Area, CA; Dave – Buffalo, NY – we both lived in SD for 9-10 years

  • What was your first impression of each other?

Friends (Dave noticed her before Narissa noticed him)

  • What is one of your favorite activities to do together?

Hike, cook, travel

  • Who takes longer to get ready?

Narissa, but not too bad

  • One of the most important things you want for your big day?

Spend time with family/friends

  • Who will cry first on your big day?

Narissa, but Dave’s threatening to during vows

  • Who cheats at board games?

Neither, but Dave helps Narissa when she makes an inferior move

  • Who belts out to the tunes on a road trip?

Dave, he wishes he was an opera singer

  • Are you both morning people? Night owls? Or one of each?

Narissa morning, Dave night

  • Who is a better dancer?

Probably Narissa if choreographed, but questionable on who’s worst

  • Who spends more money?

Narissa on clothes, Dave on

  • Where did you first say, “I love you”?

Vegas, we were there for Dave’s brother’s wedding – it was on our 6-month anniversary

  • Who is better in the kitchen?

We love to cook together – Dave’s better at meats, Narissa’s better at grains and vegetables

  • What is something you each do for each other that makes you feel the most loved? Narissa makes Dave lunches for work, Dave takes down and puts away things on high shelves.
  • Tell us about an odd quirk each other has.

Dave blinks a lot when you ask him a question, has a weird rubbing hands together move when he’s excited or cold, and licks his lips a lot when he’s concentrating

  • When did you know you were in love?

After spending time with each other’s families

  • What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

Having people know the weight behind our relationship – the words husband and wife tend to be regarded better than boyfriend/girlfriend or even partner.


Vanessa & Marcela

Surrounded by wildflowers, spectacular views, and awe-inspiring organic details. We will soon celebrate the union of these two beautiful souls. We are so excited to see the love unfold between these families and create the beginning to another chapter of their amazing love story. These are a few of the fun things we have found out about Vanessa & Marcela, their relationship, the ways they absolutely love each other and how Marcela proposed. Only 25 days to go!!!!!

How Marcela proposed….

We already knew we were getting married in a couple of weeks, but Vanessa embarrassingly still wanted the proposal, so Marcela arranged a very elaborate surprise getaway to a houseboat in Sausalito for the night (where Vanessa had been led to believe there would be a bunch of friends), and then when they got there, it was just them, and Marcela proposed very sweetly with a painting, and they spent two days at that wonderful houseboat.

All about Vanessa & Marcela….

  • When and where did you first meet?

We met in April 2009 in Madrid at a friend’s dinner party. Vanessa was studying abroad there. Marcela was living in Spain and getting paid to tour around American exchange students for Vassar and Wesleyan Colleges. Vanessa was friends with some of the kids she was touring around, and that’s why we were at the same dinner party.

  •   When and where was your first date?

We got a little stoned that night and danced a lot and went home together. Vanessa didn’t think it was going to lead to anything, but they ran into one another at their university two days later, and for some reason, both their afternoon classes had been cancelled, so they decided to wander around Madrid for a handful of hours together, looking for a present for Marcela’s mom’s birthday. Bizarrely, on that first real date, they ran into Marcela’s godson (who she is very close to), and they made impromptu plans with Vanessa’s best friend in the whole world and her partner (who ended up getting food poisoning from that dinner).

  • What city and state are you originally from?

Vanessa is from San Francisco, CA, and Marcela is from Caracas, Venezuela.

  •  What was your first impression of each other?

Vanessa was astonished Marcela was gay, and none of her friends had set them up yet! Vanessa also didn’t realize that Marcela spoke perfect English yet and kept trying to steer the conversation back to Spanish to include her. Marcela thought Vanessa was forward and shameless.

  •   What do you love most about each other?

Vanessa loves Marcela’s deep goodness and earnestness. Marcela says “i love how you are openhearted, a hard worker, and a sexy dancer. you love your community and are determined to make it better.”

  •  What is one of your favorite activities to do together?

Hike, bike, snowboard (when Marcela convinces Vanessa), backpack, do arts and crafts.

  • What’s one of your most embarrassing couple moments?

Oh so many. We left the oven on at my dad’s weekend home for 30 days. It was terrible.

  •  Who takes longer to get ready?

Vanessa, by a factor of twenty, and Marcela loves to make her aware of it.

  • Favorite colors?

Marcela’s is green. Vanessa doesn’t have one.

  • One of the most important things you want for your big day?

For all of our families and friends to be together and have a good time.

  •   Who will cry first on your big day?


  • Who cheats at board games?

Marcela always wins, even if Vanessa were to cheat. But Marcela would be more likely to cheat.

  • Who is better at keeping surprises?

Neither of us.

  • Who belts out to the tunes on a road trip?

We’re both sooooo musically challenged. Marcela is utterly tone deaf.

  •  Are you both morning people? Night owls? Or one of each?

Vanessa needs tons of sleep, much to Marcela’s chagrin. Marcela thinks she doesn’t need any, but she’s wrong.

  • Who is a better dancer?

Hmmm—toss up.

  •  Who spends more money?


  • What do you respect most about each other?

Vanessa respects Marcela’s resiliency and ability to forgive. Marcela says she respects that “Vanessa is introspective and knows herself so much – so there is no doubt in her decisions. even when she makes the wrong ones”

  • Where did you first say, “I love you”:

Marcela played incredibly hard to get for the first two months of their dating, and then out of nowhere agreed to go on a vacation with Vanessa to Tunisia for a week. After the first day, everything was already so much more intimate and wonderful, and Marcela told Vanessa she loved her at the end of the trip.

  • What was the first thing that attracted you to each other?

Marcela’s mannerisms and dance moves. Vanessa’s bold moves and sexiness.

  • Who is better in the kitchen?

Marcela, and she loves to brag about it. Vanessa is the proud dish washer.

  •  What is something you each do for each other that makes you feel the most loved?

Marcela is incredibly sweet and authentic at consoling Vanessa. Marcela loves when Vanessa puts her socks on for her while she’s still in bed.

  •  Tell us about an odd quirk each other has.

Everything about Marcela is an odd quirk. She loves packing and unpacking stuff. She is incredibly blunt to everyone. She is always ten degrees hotter than everyone else. She loves Micro Machines and tropical animals and really expensive bed sheets and hand me downs from her grandparents. Marcela says “You are addicted to arts and crafts – you will spend hours crunched over a sewing machine to finish the 14th pouch of day for no particular reason but to be done with the pouches. you learn things on youtube. You are stingy. You are resourceful. You are very difficult to change your mind”

  • When did you know you were in love?

On our vacation in Tunisia.

  •    What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

Married life has been very similar to not married, committed partner life, but all the sweeter because we get so much more recognition, and it’s so nice to plan our future so concretely.


Tori & Mike

The combination of a rustic romance and the beautiful views of Lake Tahoe are one of our favorite ways to see a couple say I DO! On July 9,2016 Tori & Mike will become MR & MRS!!! We are truly honored to be a part of creating the beginning to another chapter of their love story. These are a few of the fun things we have found out about Tori & Mike, their relationship, the ways they absolutely love each other and how Mike proposed!


How Mike proposed….

Mike had planned a camping trip this summer to Emerald Bay in Tahoe. After an amazing day of kayaking and laying out on the beach, we started a fire pit and had dinner. After dinner we started making s’mores. Then Mike started saying how pretty the stars were, but I couldn’t see because there was a tree above me. So, Mike told me to come sit on his lap to see them. He then started telling me about the different stars and in the middle of him telling me all about the stars he asked me to go get something out of the car. So I held out my hand, expecting the keys, but instead he put this weird box in my hand. Mike then started saying, “Victoria Mischel, will you make me that happiest man in the world by marrying me?”. Being taken back and surprised, I said the first thing that came to mind was, “Hell yes”!


All about Tori & Mike….

  • When and where did you first meet?

Mike and I first met when we were 9 years old at First Communion Classes at church. Mike made a lasting impression on me when my Dad, who was our teacher, sent Mike to the Principal’s Office. He was the only boy in the history of the church classes to be sent to the Principal’s Office. We didn’t meet again until high school. During our junior year, Mike would help me with my math homework in trade for a ride home. We instantly became best friends.

  • When and where was your first date?

Mike took me to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and he loved every minute of it.

  •  What city and state are you originally from?

We are from Palmdale, California.

  • What was your first impression of each other?

Tori: My first opinion of Mike was that he was a really nice guy and he had an amazing personality. Also, I thought that Mike was a giant goof ball and he could light up a room without even trying.

Mike: This girl is crazy, and I love it!!

  •  What do you love most about each other?

Tori: I love Mike because he is my best friend. He shares the same love for Wiener Dogs as I do. He is my rock and the person I always turn to. He knows all of my deepest and darkest secrets. He always makes me smile, laugh, and makes everyday worth waking up for.

Mike: I love that she is not afraid to show herself to me. I have seen every side of her and her emotions and I cannot get enough of it!


  • What is one of your favorite activities to do together?

We like to do everything together. We really enjoy going to the dog park, shooting, hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, Netflixing, and cooking. Mike really loves running errands, especially when I tell him we were going to do a “quick” Target trip.

  • What’s one of your most embarrassing couple moments?

Mike and I went karaoke with our friends after their wedding. We chose a Brad Paisley duet and started singing. We tried really hard, but it still caused a majority of the bar to get up and leave. Our friends taped the entire thing for black mail for many years to come.

  • Who takes longer to get ready?

Definitely me. Mike says, “Duh Tori”.

  •  Favorite colors?

Blue is Mike and Green is mine.

  • One of the most important things you want for your big day?

That Mike and I will be able to enjoy each other at our wedding. We really want to have fun with each other and to be ourselves.

  • Who will cry first on your big day?

Hands down our mothers. We have a bet as to which mother will crack first.

  • Who cheats at board games?

Mike is really obvious when he cheats, but I have yet to be caught. SHHH!

  • Who is better at keeping surprises?

Mike, hands down. I get too excited and end up leaving hints that are very obvious. Mike on the other hand was able to keep a secret that he had an engagement ring for 4 months.

  • Who belts out to the tunes on a road trip?

Mike, he has a voice of an angel. Mike says, ” I love to serenade Tori with my beautiful voice!”

  • Are you both morning people? Night owls? Or one of each?

Tori is a morning person, but she has to work nights so she has become a night owl. I fight the mornings and the morning wins a majority of the time.

  • Who is a better dancer?

We equally are pathetic at dancing, however, Mike will tell you that he is the better dancer.

  • Who spends more money?

As Mike is currently laughing at this question, I am going to have to say Iam.

  • What do you respect most about each other?

Tori: That no matter how crazy or mean life gets, Mike always have the sweetest and biggest heart. He always goes out of his way to help others.

Mike:  She is my other half, I respect that I can talk to her about anything and get honest feedback.

  • Where did you first say, “I love you”

Tori: I first said “I love you” to Mike when we were at the dog park with     Sandy (our wiener dog). It was also on the day that we made our dating official.

Mike: It is hard to say when the first time I said, “I love you” to Tori was. It seems like   just last week we were in high school and now we are about to get married. If I were to put a date on it, it would be at the dog park when we made it official.

  •   What was the first thing that attracted you to each other?

Tori: Mike’s “giggly eyes”, smile, and ridiculous laugh!

Mike: I would have to say her cute smile; I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

  •  Who is better in the kitchen?

Mike says I am better in the kitchen, but he is getting better.

  • What is something you each do for each other that makes you feel the most loved?

Mike always knows when I have an awful day and he gives me these giant bear hugs and holds me and everything bad in the world goes away.

Tori is always in my corner, there to support me! No matter what happens she is there for me and I love that!

  • Tell us about an odd quirk each other has…

Mike: When Tori laughs really hard, her nostrils flair.

Tori: No matter how funny his joke is, he is always the one laughing thehardest!

  • When did you know you were in love?

Tori: When he was even more excited than I was when I first brought Sandy home.

Mike: Before I started dating her, I knew this is the woman I was going to marry

  •  What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

Waking up next to each other everyday!