We are so excited to be celebrating with this amazing couple! On September 3rd in beautiful Lake Tahoe surrounded by lavish greenery and underneath the starry sky, these two will become MR & MRS!! We are so honored to be a part of wedding day memories. These are a few of the fun things we have found out about Narissa & Dave, their relationship, the ways they absolutely love each other and how Dave proposed.

How Dave proposed…

After a few failed attempts of bringing the ring on romantic day and weekend getaways, Dave proposed while out on the balcony of our apartment with some wine

All about Narissa & Dave..

  • When and where did you first meet?

At work, but didn’t start dating until 2 years in

  • When and where was your first date?

Blind lady ale house (pizza and beer) in SD

  • What city and state are you originally from?

Narissa – Bay Area, CA; Dave – Buffalo, NY – we both lived in SD for 9-10 years

  • What was your first impression of each other?

Friends (Dave noticed her before Narissa noticed him)

  • What is one of your favorite activities to do together?

Hike, cook, travel

  • Who takes longer to get ready?

Narissa, but not too bad

  • One of the most important things you want for your big day?

Spend time with family/friends

  • Who will cry first on your big day?

Narissa, but Dave’s threatening to during vows

  • Who cheats at board games?

Neither, but Dave helps Narissa when she makes an inferior move

  • Who belts out to the tunes on a road trip?

Dave, he wishes he was an opera singer

  • Are you both morning people? Night owls? Or one of each?

Narissa morning, Dave night

  • Who is a better dancer?

Probably Narissa if choreographed, but questionable on who’s worst

  • Who spends more money?

Narissa on clothes, Dave on amazon.com

  • Where did you first say, “I love you”?

Vegas, we were there for Dave’s brother’s wedding – it was on our 6-month anniversary

  • Who is better in the kitchen?

We love to cook together – Dave’s better at meats, Narissa’s better at grains and vegetables

  • What is something you each do for each other that makes you feel the most loved? Narissa makes Dave lunches for work, Dave takes down and puts away things on high shelves.
  • Tell us about an odd quirk each other has.

Dave blinks a lot when you ask him a question, has a weird rubbing hands together move when he’s excited or cold, and licks his lips a lot when he’s concentrating

  • When did you know you were in love?

After spending time with each other’s families

  • What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

Having people know the weight behind our relationship – the words husband and wife tend to be regarded better than boyfriend/girlfriend or even partner.