Our oohs and ahhhs are reserved for this “utterly romantic” feté. Imagine the softest, pettiest hues of blush and white lush florals with embellishments of gold, rose gold and black. Olimpia and Juan’s Wedding day was influenced by the romance of their Mexican culture and the timeless love they shared for each other. Surrounded by their loving family and friends, Olimpia and Juan vowed their lives to one another on June 17th. Guests were welcomed into their ballroom reception by the enriched vocals of the Mariachi band and details designed with all-out elegance. From their toasts to the endless dancing the evening was filled with happiness and love that truly pulled at the heart strings. These two individuals carry some many amazing qualities and we were blessed to have a full year planning their gorgeous event with them. Here are a few of the wonderful things we have learned along the way that make this couple so special!


Olimpia and Juan met through mutual friends in 2012. On April 25th, Juan asked Olimpia out on their first date. As they got lost in conversation, the night ended with butterflies and excitement. Olimpia thought Juan was very genuine and loving and Juan thought Olimpia was very sweet and honest. As their relationship became very close over the next few years, they began to fall for each other. Juan loves how supportive and encouraging Olimpia is, Olimpia loves how adventurous and compassionate Juan is.

How he asked..

Juan’s proposal was very private, loving and filled with happy tears. During dinner at one of their favorite restaurants Juan expressed how beautiful of a person Olimpia was and how he thanked God for giving him this angel. It was then that Juan popped the question and of course Olimpia said yes!

Together Forever…

As a married couple, Olimpia and Juan are looking forward to spending time together traveling, cooking and hiking around the beautiful scenery they call home, Lake Tahoe. They cannot wait to see what their future holds and what they will get to experience together.

Congratulations to this amazing couple! We wish you endless love and happiness.